Sam Drazin


As an educator, and someone with a disability, Sam is uniquely qualified to speak to the issues surrounding empathy, differences, inclusion, kindness, and being open to and accepting of diversity.

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About Sam Drazin

“Storytelling is a powerful way to encourage students to become agents of change in their communities.”

Sam Drazin is a certified elementary educator and former elementary school teacher. Sam’s experiences, both as a student with a disability and as a teacher working in an inclusive classroom, helped him recognize the importance of improving awareness of and understanding about disabilities and diversity. Read More


How We Are Different

Learn about how we each have visible and invisible differences. What makes us unique individuals and the power we have to transform our communities to be kinder and more inclusive.


With All People

In exploring our differences we realize that we have many similarities. Through the power of human connections we can consider ways that our similarities can support kinder communication and collaboration.


Be a Role Model

Inspire others to become agents of change. Helping to make all of our communities more empathetic and inclusive to all people.

People Say 

"A fantastic presentation! I love how it raises awareness levels for all of us!"

"Really enjoyable presentation -- interactive and thought provoking."

"I think that the presentation was well delivered and engaged the audience in a very positive way."

"I loved everything about the presentation. I think that your management style is perfect for this work! You have an amazing story to tell and your tone is always one of respect for your audience. You tap into their thinking and you give them time to talk, kids need to process what they are hearing."

"Sam did a great job elaborating the complexities of a child's and family's experience with differences."

Cranleigh Preparatory School

Bringing ‘Wonder’ to Life

“Moving” and “inspirational” were words used by Form 5 following their virtual visit from Sam Drazin, whose aim was to bring Wonder to life.

Through this half of term, Form 5 has studied the powerful novel Wonder by R.J. Palacio. This story is about the fictional young character August who has facial differences because he was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome.